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Join Peace Week 2011 "A Free Global Telesummit for Building a Culture of Peace"
Posted 9/16/2011 at 10:28 AM by Bryan B in Public Talk
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Brought to you by The Shift Network and The Peace Alliance, Peace Week 2011 is a free global Telesummit for building a culture of peace.

Shifting to a Culture of Peace

We have the power to shift our world from a culture of violence to a culture of peace. The question is: What will it take for us to choose that path?

The “technologies” for creating peace at all levels of society are well-established - we simply need to share them on a grand scale and accelerate the evolution that will have us live, collaborate and create in the most harmonious ways. Doing so is necessary to address our global crises and birth a new, co-creative era of human evolution.

This is why we have gathered the world’s leading peacebuilders for PeaceWeek 2011. Last year The Shift Network, inspired by Pathways to Peace, launched the first PeaceWeek, creating the largest virtual peace summit ever. The feedback was extraordinary as people from Nigeria to India all said "Yes, it is time!" and offered their gratitude for the wisdom and practices shared.
From Inner Peace to International Peace

This year we continue the celebration and exploration of everything that is working to foster peace across the peace continuum - all the way from how we connect with ourselves and loved ones to how we interact at work, govern nations and foster cross-cultural understanding. Topics covered include:

Cultivating Inner Peace
The Path to Peace through Social & Emotional Intelligence
Integrating Peace & Happiness into How We Do Business
Ending Our Addiction to Crime, Violence and War
Technology & Peace: Empowering Youth
Large Scale Organizing for Peace
A Peace Economy
Subtle Activism as a Personal and Collective Peace Practice
Making Poverty History
A Path to Peace & International Security

Our featured pioneers are building the practices, structures and systems to evolve our society - helping us deepen our personal commitments, deal with conflict constructively, build bridges between polarized groups, heal ancient wounds, advance the science of peace and teach our children to live compassionately.

Individually, each leader is deeply inspiring. Taken as a whole, they offer a glimpse of the vast array of peacebuilding efforts underway and a remarkable picture of how we can grow into a culture of peace.
How You Can Benefit from PeaceWeek

PeaceWeek 2011 is a full week of groundbreaking sessions designed to empower you to create peace in your own life and in the lives of those around you. Join us and you’ll gain:

Personal practices for cultivating inner peace
Steps you can take to create peace in your family and in your communities
Ways to incorporate peace and happiness into your business
Access to leaders who are bridging political divides
Insights on healing our collective wounds and cultural traumas
Ideas for generating peacebuilding among youth
Greater perspective on how our global economy affects our peacebuilding abilities
Inspiration and hope for how we can collectively build a culture of peace
And much more!

Register HERE for access to these talks which will be happening from September 15 - September 21st (International Day of Peace!). Once registered you can gain access to all of these talks as recordings if you missed them or want to listen to them again!

Also feel free to follow The Shift Network and The Peace Alliance on Facebook!

Happy Peace Week Everyone!!!
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This looks wonderful!
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