Join PeaceJam on November 12th for our 5th Annual Hero Awards Luncheon with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Betty Williams!

Betty Williams
Williams is a transformational leader. Her work for peace stems from a tragic experience which she transformed into a message of hope and duty for future generations. Born in 1943 in divided Northern Ireland, Williams was a receptionist and young mother when she witnessed the deaths of three young children in a high-speed pursuit of an Irish army fugitive in 1976. The fugitive was fleeing the police in West Belfast when he was shot, leaving his driverless car swerving violently. Williams, with her own child in her car witnessed Lennon’s vehicle strike a local woman, Anne Maguire, and her two sons and baby daughter. Haunted by the very real result of Northern Ireland’s conflict, Williams worked with Maguire’s sister Mairead Corrigan to draw up a petition for peace. Within two days, they had over 6,000 signatures, and they and reporter Ciaran McKeown founded the Community for Peace People, a group dedicated to political protest against the war. A week later, the Community united 35,000 people in a protest of the children’s deaths and for peace in Northern Ireland. For their dramatic declaration against their nation’s pain, Williams and Corrigan received the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, she has served on numerous organizations for justice and children’s protections, including the Global Children’s Foundation, the World Centers of Compassion for Children International, the Institute of Asian Democracy and the PeaceJam Foundation.

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Betty Williams will be presenting the 2013 PeaceJam Hero Award to Cynda Collins Arsenault and Dr. Vincent Harding. Both of these amazing individuals have been instrumental in advancing peace and supporting PeaceJam in a variety of capacities.

PeaceJam’s Hero Awards Luncheon will be one of the best ways for you to support PeaceJam programming for thousands of youth across the state and around the world this year. Please join us for this amazing opportunity and help PeaceJam to create young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world.

Governor Bill Ritter, congratulating PeaceJam for their 2008 Nobel Peace Prize nomination
"PeaceJam and its mission were born in Colorado; its roots remain here. The people in this state believe in optimism, and they believe that PeaceJam demonstrates that we can make a positive change by solving problems together - only if we work together."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu-Nobel Peace Prize winner
"I have been hugely impressed by the degree of understanding and passion for peace issues that the PeaceJam program has instilled in young people around the globe. The PeaceJam program is tapping into the energy and goodwill of young people and they are becoming catalysts for positive change."

Dawn Axelson-3rd Grade Teacher
"When I hear kids say 'that's not what Desmond Tutu would do' or 'let's write letters to get them to change that,' I know that the students are learning to become advocates for their world. In a day when we need to provide children with true role models and heroes, I believe that the PeaceJam Curriculum should be embedded into various curricula everywhere."

Andy Miller-PeaceJammer
"PeaceJam really got me charged up to go out and work on even the littlest things to help bring about change. Before PeaceJam, I thought only people in far off places, or those high level politicians were the ones who would change the world. Now I know better. All it takes is you."