The PeaceJam Foundation is the only organization in the world with so many Nobel Peace Laureates actively involved in working for one common purpose - the empowerment of our youth.

How the Laureates Mentor Youth

1. PeaceJam's Award-Winning Curriculum that explores the life and work of the Laureates.

2. PeaceJam Youth Conferences where Laureates spend two days working with youth - sharing their experience, skills, stories, and inspiration! Watch a PeaceJam Conference in action!

3. Connected Classrooms which are Google Live Video "Hangouts" with a Laureates and youth discussing issues that the Laureates are working on. Check out the Connect Classroom Sessions on PeaceJam's YouTube Channel

4. Nobel Legacy Film Series - which are feature-length films on the life and work of each of the Nobel Peace Laureates. PeaceJam has made three films to date, "Mayan Renaissance", featuring Rigoberta Menchu Tum, "Children of the Light" featuring Desmond Tutu, and "Rivers of Hope" featuring Adolfo Perez Esquivel. Each year PeaceJam will produce a new film which will Premiere in Monte Carlo each June.