What is it that gets you to move? Is it a good song that you can belt from the top of your lungs? Is it the thought of seeing the sun rise? Is it the hope for a better future? Maybe it is the actions or powerful words of one of your heroes. Perhaps it is the thought of all of the things that bring about happiness in this world, or perhaps the thought of all of the things that bring about suffering.

We're looking for the something that lights a fire in your heart, fills you up, makes you think, and moves you to take action. Whatever it is for you, PeaceJam calls it inspiration. For us inspiration comes from the participating Nobel Peace Laureates, and of course, from you!

Use this section of the site to Get Inspired! Check out the Gallery to see photos and videos posted by PeaceJammers from around the world (don't forget to upload your own). Connect with other PeaceJammers from around the world through the PeaceJam Message Board, where the real conversations are going on. Then meet up at a PeaceJam event, cause we want to see you! Make sure to watch the calendar so you don't miss out on the fun!

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The Nobel Peace Laureates
The PeaceJam Foundation is the only organization in the world with so many Nobel Peace Laureates actively involved in and working for one common purpose - the empowerment of our youth.

Each of these Nobel Laureates, many facing great personal risk, have taken a profound and powerful step toward creating a more peaceful and just society. What is equally profound is that their achievements are not beyond the reach of the "average" person. Each of them hold an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience and believe deeply that each person has the power within them to create positive change. For this reason, the Nobel Peace Laureates are a primary source of inspiration in the PeaceJam Program.

PeaceJam Youth Conferences
Did you ever want to meet a Nobel Peace Prize Winner? The PeaceJam Youth Conferences are open to youth ages 14-18 who are actively involved in the PeaceJam Ambassadors program and take place annually in many of our Affiliate Regions throughout the world. There are three types of PeaceJam conferences that are part of the PeaceJam Ambassadors program:
The Jam: This is NOT your average youth conference! The Jam is your opportunity to meet and work directly with a Nobel Peace Laureate as well as 200-500 other youth who are interested in creating change in themselves, their communities, and the world. If you come to a Jam, you are in for an extraordinary two days full of inspiration, connection, skill building, service, teamwork, creativity and fun!

Click here to view a sample Jam schedule.

The Slam: This one-day conference is both a follow-up to the Jam for active PeaceJam Ambassadors, and and the kick off of a new PeaceJam season for youth who are new to the PeaceJam Ambassadors program. The purpose of this conference is to report in on all of the great work that has taken place since the Jam as well as to dig deeper into a specific Global Call to Action Issue area. The conference focuses on building skills that will help you to become peacemakers and leaders in their own communities. The structure of these events vary by region - contact your local PeaceJam Affiliate or Chapter for information on the Slam in your area.

Global Call to Action Conferences
The Global Call to Action Conferences take place every 2-3 years and are essentially PeaceJam conferences times TEN! PeaceJam Ambassadors from across the globe gather in one location for three and a half days of education, inspiration, and action. Over 2,000 youth attend these events representing over 37 countries - and most if not all of the Nobel Peace Laureates come too!